In the 2016 Calendar Year St. Columba:

Provided 1,755 showers.

Gave out 18,884 sandwiches.

Did 226 loads of client laundry.

Provided bus passes to
39 individuals.

Allowed 312 client phone calls.

Had 708 visits to our Clothing Closet.

Gave food to 728 households consisting of 1,764 individuals.

Provided 1,233 prescriptions to 352 homeless persons.

Provided 117 vouchers for homeless clients to receive free dental work.

Provided 90 vouchers homeless clients to receive free eye exams.

And had 22 clients from Next Step move into permanent housing.

On Average:

We serve at least 35 persons a day in our Day Center.

80% of guests to our Day Center are male.

20% of guests are veterans.

23 persons visit our Clothing Closet each Monday.

1 families receive food from our Food Pantry each month.

Our Homeless Assistant meets with 50 persons each quarter.

Our Most Recent Special Ministries:

Provided Easter baskets to 90 children.

Helped 683 children prepare for the school year with supplies.

Gave out 157 Thanksgiving baskets.

Provided food baskets to 66 families for Christmas.
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