Many groups support St. Columba by activities that take little time at their meetings, but make a huge
difference in the help that we can provide to those in need.  The following is a list of ideas that your
group can implement.  More specifics can be found on our
half page handout.

1.        Collect items that we need at the Day Center:                
- food pantry items        
- used clothes        
- toiletries         
- linens        
- coffee

2.        Make sandwiches for our Day Center        
- groups get together and purchase supplies to make sandwiches: bread, baggies, cheese, ham (or
another lunch meat) and disposable gloves – no condiments         
- make sandwiches as part of the group meeting put each sandwich into a sandwich bag, put all
sandwiches into the bread sleeve and deliver to St. Columba.  Please wear gloves when making
sandwiches and practice safe food handling (e.g., not leaving our perishable items).
- More detailed information on this opportunity to get involved can be found in our
Procedure for
Making Sandwiches and our Sandwich Agreement which is required of all groups to certify that they
practiced safe food handling.  Please call Alicia at 627-6748 if you still have questions after reading
these documents.         

3.       Create hygiene kits for homeless individuals        
- include hotel/sample size of some of the following:   
 shampoo          soap         toothbrush          toothpaste        razors                 

4.        Special occasion treats:
- e.g., baggies of Easter candy or cookies for Easter, Valentine’s Day or other holidays                

Please, call Alicia at (757) 627-6748 if you are interested in helping in one of these ways or have other
ideas to help those in need.
St. Columba Ecumenical Ministries, Inc.
2114 Lafayette Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23509             Phone: 757-627-6748          Fax: 757-622-2569