2020 Calendar Year Outcomes
(January 1 - December 31, 2020)*

Served 461 Day Center Clients.

Provided 623 hygiene kits.

Gave out
9,861 sandwiches.

ave out 63 laundry cards.

ave out 444 sets of clothing.

Gave food to
563 households consisting of 1,444 individuals.

Provided 1
,042 prescriptions to 237 homeless persons.

11 vouchers for homeless clients to receive free dental work.

22 vouchers homeless clients to receive free eye exams.

And had 1
0 clients from Next Step move into permanent housing.

On Average:

We serve an average of 20 persons a day in our Day Center.

80% of guests to our Day Center are male.

20% of guests are veterans.

47 families receive food from our Food Pantry each month.

Our Most Recent Special Ministries:

Gave out 80 Thanksgiving baskets.

Provided food baskets to 60 families for Christmas.

Provided gift cards to 290 individuals for Christmas.

*The Pandemic caused us to adjust services as of March 16, 2020.  
We no longer provided the services of showers, laundry, and phone use
to respect social distancing and promote the safety of staff and guests.

Hygiene kits are distributed to clients every Monday.

Clothing is prepackaged based on size and distributed on a monthly basis.  

Gift cards to a local chain laundromat are distibuted on a quarterly basis.

Additionally, we temporarily suspended issuing Vision vouchers through June 30
and the Dental Clinic we partner with closed and has not announced a reopen date.
St. Columba Ecumenical Ministries, Inc.
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